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BT-800 Three Spindle Wet Ceramic Tile Cutter

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-Product Description

BT-800/1200 Three Spindle Wet Ceramic Tile Cutter. This is three spindle Ceramic Cutting Machine,it is specialized to cut tile strips.It can install 7-8 blades on each spindle,which can cut the tile into several strips in one time. For example,cut 800x800mm tiles,it can install 7pcs of blades,and cut into 10pcs of 98x100 strips.It is suit for producing ceramic tile skirting.For this machine, it also can install chamfer wheels in the first spindle,and install blades on the last two spindles,in this way,the tiles can be chamfer edge and cutting at the same time,to improve the cutting effect.


(1) Well-known brand electric motor and bearing produce high quality.

(2) Three times cutting can assure high speed and less edge-crack.

(3) V-guide of the conveyor belt keeps the belt running with high precision.

(4) Spindle bearing block cooled by water-cooling equipment assures long time continuous cutting without being overheated.

BT-800 Three Spindle Wet Ceramic Tile Cutter(图3)

BT-800 Three Spindle Wet Ceramic Tile Cutter(图5)

-Parameter Detail

1Nos. Of cutting head3pc
2Width of conveyor belt1000MM
3Dia. Of bladeΦ150-300mm*60mm
4Main motor power15kw
5Cutting width20-1200mm
6Max. Cutting thickness20mm
7WeightAbout 2200kg

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