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BT-3200 Porcelain Ceramic Big Slabs 45Degree Mitre Saw Machine

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1. Product introduction:

The 3200 type rock slab cutting and grinding 45 degree chamfering machine is mainly used for the processing of the 45 degree angle of the rock slab for seamless splicing. It is a professional chamfering machine for deep processing of rock slabs. It is a special machine and saves processing costs. The components of the head: 1 cutting head + 2 chamfering grinding wheels, can realize no chipping and chamfering, no big or small head phenomenon, the maximum can pour plates of 3.2 meters * 1.6 meters, it is an indispensable equipment for deep processing of rock slabs.

2. Product performance characteristics:

Easy to install, no need for foundation construction, the whole machine is directly installed and used;

Servo translation mechanism, stable cutting, sharp corner processing (seamless splicing);

The walking device adopts double linear slide rail and precision lead screw, high speed and precision;

Pneumatic design to ensure that the rock slab is not easy to run during processing, and the product does not collapse when it comes out;

Simple operation, fully CNC automatic operation, safe and convenient;

Stable operation, structural design with specific functions, more stable and durable;


3. Main technical parameters:

Minimum processing width: 30mm;

Maximum processing length: 3200mm;

Processing thickness: 5-30mm;

Cutting power: 5.5KW;

Grinding motor power: 3KW*2;

Dimensions: 4750*1500*1500mm;

Weight: 4700KG

Processing speed: 1.3-1.5 m/min



Maximum processing length


Grinding motor powe


Processing thickness


Working speed


Water consumption






Total power


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