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BT-4020 AC waterjet cutting machine

Founded in 2005,Foshan Bao Tao machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a well-known brand manufacturer of various kinds of ceramics, stone processing machinery and equipment research and development, production, sales and after-sales service.
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1. Product introduction:

BT-4020 AC five-axis waterjet is suitable for cutting BIG slabs or Sintered stone. The machine is size 5000(L)*2500(W)*2000(H)mm , weight 4950kg. AC five-axis cutter head: unlimited rotation, laser height measurement and automatic water drying, automatic cutting of curved surfaces, and a cutting section angle of ±75 degrees.

2. Advantages:

1. Unlimited rotation of the cutter head;

2. The maximum angle of inclined cutting is ±75°;

3. Inclined cutting of rock slab, marble and granite;

4. 3D cutting head, capable of 3D dynamic cutting (three-dimensional special-shaped cutting);

5. The cutter head is equipped with laser height measurement, and the measurement accuracy is controlled at 0.05mm, which solves the problem of cutting the surface of the board with precision and efficiency;

6. The servo adopts absolute value bus with memory function;

7. The brand-new AC five-axis cutter head independently researched and developed by the company has a large angle, integrated stainless steel, dustproof, waterproof and high, convenient and quick maintenance;

8. The first in the country to use laser height measurement, which can solve the problem of difficult control of the cutting accuracy of the uneven surface of the board;

9. The overall annealing treatment of the machine tool can eliminate stress and deformation. The beam installation position is processed by a large CNC gantry machining center, and the sliding seat has been lapped by a grinder to ensure that the machine tool is on the same plane as a whole to improve the precision and running time of the machine Stability

10. The integral casting of X and Y beams is processed by a large-scale CNC gantry machining center, with oil bubble lubrication, and the screw and guide rails are adjusted by the marble platform. The straightness and parallelism are controlled within 0.05mm.

11. It adopts 40mm diameter screw rod and roller type guide rail, which has higher precision, stronger stability and more wear-resistant than ball type guide rail;

3. Main technical parameters:

1. Cutting stroke: X axis 4000mm, Y axis 2000mm, Z axis 120mm, A axis ±75°, C axis unlimited rotation

2. Machine tool structure: gantry type

3. Worktable size machine stroke: X=4020mm, Y=2000mm

4. Effective processing range: 4000*2000mm

5. Cutting accuracy: ±0.1mm; Repeat positioning accuracy: ±0.01

6. Transport moving parts X,: Taiwan "ABBA" or "TBI" linear guide/ball screw"

7. Maximum pressure: 420MPA

8. Total power: 30KW, power supply: 220V/50HZ

9. Dimensions: 5000*2500*2000mm

10. Weight: 4000KG

11. XY axis running speed: 0—13000mm/min;

12. Running speed of Z axis: 0—5000mm/min;

13. A-axis operating speed; 0-30rpm (tip angle ±60°)

14. C-axis operating speed; 0-30rpm (unlimited rotation of the cutter head inclination)

15. Control system: CNC driver; industrial computer; XTWJ cutting software (NC Studio). Based on windows xp (patent; Shanghai Naikai Ncstudio) (wireless operation and control)

16. Operation interface: windows xp Chinese/English can be switched at will

17. Pressure protection system; automatic protection device for insufficient air pressure (to reduce damage to the machine tool caused by human operation errors)

4. Includes:

1. Waterjet cutting machine

2. CNC computer control cabinet

3. Ultra-high pressure supercharger

4. Sand supply system

5. Circulating cooling tower

5. Parameters: 







Cutting table size













CNC Controller

AC Servo System

AC Servo System





Repeat ability



Traverse speed

6000/15000 mm/min

6000/15000 mm/min

Power source

380VAC, 50Hz, 3Phase

380VAC, 50Hz, 3Phase


Marble Stone,Sintered stone







BT-3200 Procelain slab 45degree cutting machine(图2)

Foshan Bao Tao machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a well-known brand manufacturer of various kinds of ceramics, stone, glass, deep processing machinery and equipment.

The main products are: arc machine polishing machine, stone line polishing machine, multi-function polishing machine, plane polishing machine, intelligent water knife, edge grinding machine, CNC automatic cutting machine, automatic dry cutting line and other various ceramic processing equipment. 

BT-3200 Procelain slab 45degree cutting machine(图3)

BT-3200 Procelain slab 45degree cutting machine(图4)

BT-3200 Procelain slab 45degree cutting machine(图5)

BT-3200 Procelain slab 45degree cutting machine(图6)