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Slate is known as a revolutionary and innovative environmentally friendly material in the ceramic tile industry. Slate can be understood as an upgraded version and a new category derived from large ceramic plates and thin ceramic plates. On the one hand, the rock slab retains the characteristics of large, light and thin slabs and thin slabs; on the other hand, it has formed its own unique characteristics in texture texture and decorative effects.

It is worth mentioning that the industry currently has no unified standards and definitions for rock slabs, and is basically at the stage where everyone speaks. In order to highlight the superiority of rock slabs, some companies even slogan "Rock slabs are not tiles". However, in the international market, rock slabs have not been separated from ceramic tiles, and are still uniformly classified as ceramic thin plates and ceramics. In this article, this statement is also used to classify the slate as a type of ceramic tile.

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Second, the characteristics of the rock slab

So, what are the characteristics of rock slabs and what are its advantages and disadvantages? Compared with other ceramic tile types, in addition to large, light and thin, the characteristics of the rock slab are mainly reflected in two aspects. First, the high-temperature firing temperature of the rock slab is higher, reaching more than 1200 ℃, making it more superior in terms of density, hardness, flatness, fire resistance, high temperature resistance, and stain resistance. The second is that the rock board has the characteristics of a whole body. The reason why the rock slab is called "rock slab" is because it has the characteristics of similar rock and stone products. The texture is consistent from the green body to the surface, which can be processed deeply without affecting the aesthetics.

3. Application of Rock Slab


In actual application, the rock board is more abundant and extensive than other ceramic tile products. Thanks to the superior physical properties and decorative properties of the rock slab, the rock slab not only has the application range of ceramic tiles and is used as wall tiles and floor tiles; but also has the application space of stone, which has been applied to tables and chairs, countertops, cabinets and various types. The surface of household products.

On the one hand, due to the serious homogeneity of products in the home building materials market, new materials are needed. On the other hand, with the pursuit of higher quality of life for young home improvement consumer groups after 8090, the home building materials industry is increasingly popular in minimalist, light luxury, modern and other styles. Therefore, the rock board is very popular in the fields of architectural decoration, whole house customization, cabinets, furniture and so on.