-Application of ceramic cutting machine:

The eramic cutting machine of BAOTAO machinery, it has variety of kinds cutting machines. The CNC ceramic cutting machine can cut tile into two pieces in one time. The two spindle multi blade ceramic cutting machine can cut multi strips in one time. The multifunctional manual cutting machine can make cutting, bullnose, chamfer, groove on tiles. Also there are many machines customized by client’s requirement, such as ceramic cutting machine connected with ceramic edge grind machine, two spindle multi blade ceramic cutting machine connected with ceramic bullnose polishing machine. According different tiles or requirements, we can specially design the machines for customers.



-Application of ceramic bullnose polishing machine:

Ceramic bullnose polishing machine function: grinding edge, chamfering (30 degrees bevel, 45 degrees bevel, 60 degrees bevel), ceramic tile bottom bevel, grooving, grinding rounded edge, bullnose polishing

Processing products: ceramic tile skirting , ceramic stair step nosing, ceramic stair step anti-slip groove

The ceramic bullnose polishing machine, according to the requirements of most customers are made into fully automatic assembly production line, which include one set of two spindle multi blade ceramic cutting machine, through the transition rack connected the bullnose edge polishing machine. The production line has high production efficiency, high speed, saving labor, good processing effect, and many other advantages, popular with the ceramics factory all over the world.



-Application of water jet ceramic tile cutting machine:

CNC water jet cutting machine can cut any shape, providing an effective tool for the realization of artistic creation. The traditional cutting way is usually saw blade cutting, generally can only cut straight lines. When cutting curves, the template that meets the size requirements should be made first, and then realized by manual grinding after preliminary cutting. Using CNC water jet cutting machine, the cutting of any complex shape can be completed at one time under the control of the program, which provides an effective tool for ceramic tile art creation.



1. The cut is smooth, cutting quality is good, after cutting will not form in the cut edge "chipping" phenomenon;

2. High cutting accuracy, with cutting accuracy up to 0.1mm, uniform and beautiful patchwork, which can be used to make very complicated ceramic tile badges and murals.

3. High cutting efficiency, product consistency, good interchangeability

4. Improve the working environment and reduce the influence of dust and noise on operators

5. axis water jet cutting machine is widely used in ceramic industry. Its remarkable characteristic is to cover all curved cutting of ceramics.

Common Case: Background designing, lobby floor badge, ceramic art screen mural, water jet cutting for hallway designing.

Very suitable for decorative materials processing industry. Taking medallion of ceramic tile floor as an example, high pressure CNC water jet cutting can not only save time and labor cost, but also reduce the space occupied by equipment.

And can save 40% of the cost of materials, so that a lot of corner waste recycling, waste into treasure.


Tile Water Jet Medallions