How to choose water jet cutting machine


How to choose water jet cutting machine


Novice when buying water jet is often easy to sales staff, usually not import is said to be imported, spoken is very good, in fact it is another matter, believes that many people have such experience, so at the time of purchase or best first introduce yourself, use your head to think about.

Water jet main consideration of two parts: the choice of high pressure system and numerical control cutting platform, different of high pressure system and different cutting platform can apply in the field of different cutting equipment, if you are in the choice of water jet before the varieties of the cutting material, thickness and cutting speed, cutting surface requires a general thinking, will help you.


1. Selection of high-pressure system in water jet:

Mainly according to cutting material varieties, thickness and cutting surface quality and cutting speed requirements, this can be according to their needs, want to know something about the parameters of the high pressure system at the same time, if you can have a look at what is the entity, the detailed parameters of high pressure booster system, 380 mpa high-pressure system: 37 kw (50 HP), high pressure, strong cutting ability, good cutting surface quality, cutting speed, especially in more than 30 mm thickness hard material cutting processing (such as steel, aluminum, copper and other metal materials and stone, etc.), as well as to the cutting surface quality and cutting speed has higher requirements of the occasion. 300 mpa high-pressure system, economical and practical, low running cost, can be used for the thickness below 30 mm hard material cutting processing (such as metal material, stone material, ceramic, glass, etc.), but cutting speed (ability) will be significantly less than 380 mpa high-pressure system.


2. The selection of CNC work platform in water jet is mainly based on the size of the cutting material.

Gantry type: compact structure, convenient installation, suitable for the material size more fixed, the upper and lower material is relatively convenient or the upper and lower material way is more fixed.

Dimensions: CNC cutting platform size the first consideration should be given the choice of cutting the shape of workpiece size (i.e. cutting stroke), then consider suit cut problem and size specification of the material itself, it will help you select the economic and practical, of course also should consider the development and changes in the future.


3. Other optional items:

Automatic sand feeding system: in order to reduce labor intensity, avoid caused by operators forget timely sand cut interrupt, can choose automatic sand feeding system, the system can supply two machines used at the same time, so that two machine matching with the advice.



Soft water treatment: it is recommended to choose the soft water treatment system to prolong the service life of the high-pressure sealing parts. Since the manufacturers of water knives are numerous, the products are uneven and the quality is not uniform.

The key to buying a water jet is to look at the quality and see the service, so you should know where the water knife is good, and consider it in terms of use, parameter, address, price, service and so on. There is a good saying, only the right one is the best.

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