About Marble Quartz Stone Edging Grinding Chamfering Machine


CNC 45 Degree Straight Line Sintered Stone Tile Porcelain Quartz Stone Edging Grinding Chamfering Machine

Quartz Stone Edging Grinding Chamfering Machine

The slate 45-degree head chamfering machine is a high-performance slate 45-degree inclined machining equipment specially designed for slate back walls and slate kitchen countertops. Adopting the self-developed technology "knife moves and the plate does not move", it can fix the plate without shifting its position, and can accurately control the 45-degree cutting and grinding of the front and rear heads of the rock plate panel to achieve precise cutting and grinding effects (overcoming The problem of mobile position deviation caused by leather walking). This machine is used to process L-shaped or U-shaped kitchen countertops, and can cut and grind the front, middle and back of the countertop at 45 degrees, making the processing effect more detailed and beautiful. 



The machine is equipped with one 45-degree cutter and two 45-degree fine grinders (high-efficiency motors), which can meet different processing needs. Refinement requirements, considerate high-end customization for customers, and provide better service quality for products and services. In addition, the machine has the characteristics of simple operation and maintenance methods, which can not only meet the processing needs of most slabs, but also bring great convenience and benefits to customers.