Stone Industry


Application of automatic stone straight profiling polishing machine:

BAOTAO machinery is a famous manufacturers in China, which is the first manufacturer of research and development of the production of stone straight profiling polishing machine , is also the first company to make the best machine of stone, marble straight profiling polishing. Now we have produced YSXP-150, YSXP-250 series machine, the number of grinding head from 6, 8, 10, 12, 14and other mechanical configurations. According to different materials, different processing output, choose different marble straight profiling polishing machine. Different mechanical configuration, grinding wheel is different. General configuration of the selected grinding wheel: plating wheel, resin polishing wheel, sponge polishing wheel.Grinding wheel selected for processing granite: combination saw blade, sintering wheel, resin polishing wheel, sponge polishing wheel. The machine can do marble, stone bullnose ogee moldings, can do TV background frame, elevator door cover line, stone decorative line, marble door cover line, marble bullnose moldings, marble moulding border decos , stone bullnose moldings and other stone processing.

Marble Bullnose Moldings machine

Processing materials: marble, stone, granite, artificial stone

The max processing width: 150mm/250mm two type

Mechanical type:

1. The commonly used model is BT-250

2. BT-150 model, suit for mult kinds of shapes profile, but each shape output is small

3. Granite straight profile and polish: customized 

Marble Bullnose Moldings



Application of multifunctional stone edge profiling polishing machine:

This 8 head multifunctional stone edge profiling polishing machine is upgraded from traditional stone edge polishing machine. It adopts vertical way to put the slab on the conveyor, which can put different size slab at the same time, can be processing stone ogee edge, s-shaped curve with bullnose, 180 degree bullnose (half bullnose, full bullnose edge), concave ogee edge, waterfall edges, Dupont edge , concave shape edge, single thick slab, double thick slab, window slab and other stone edge processing.

Stone Edge Profile Polishing Machine

In front of the machine, there are three rough grinding wheel (plating wheel), behind the finalize the design, using five polishing wheel (resin polishing wheel, sponge polishing whee) to polish. The machine has man-machine interface, through controlling the current and pressure of wheels to process stone, marble, granite, artificial stone. One edge shape need to replace a set of grinding wheels. The polishing wheels adopt automatic control, to automatically compensate of polishing materials, avoid the leakage phenomenon.

Double edge profile


BT-250 8 head multifunctional edge profiling polishing machine can process all kinds of marble stone edges, you just need to replace the wheels, with simple operation, convenient maintenance, good stability, high machining efficiency, large output, good effect. It is suitable for stone processing requirements of various countries in the world, It can make profiling and polishing in one time, not silk, no wax, brightness is very good, have been used by the masses of customers, by the consistent high praise.