Machine Training Foreigners During the 136th Canton Fair


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During the 136th Canton Fair or China Import and Export Fair, which is the oldest, largest, and the most representative trade fair in China.

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As Baotao machine factory is in Foshan city, only 30km from the trade fair in Guangzhou, we got many foreign clients coming overseas, for knowing, training and technical support.

Let’s see how they doing? Demo video:

Inside the Baotao Factory, there is a special zone, we start the machines and communicate with our users.

In the video there is a double head / double disc CNC manual cutter machine, with an automatic size setting system, and the zero chipping cutting result. As now we can makethe biggest size to be 2700mm, even 3200mm long guiders.

It is popular for cutting the sintered stone slabs in sizes of 1800x3200, 1200x2400mm.

Tap below product, you can know more about it:

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For more about baotao machine or tiles processing field, don’t hesitate to contact our global sales represent Molly Chen.

Machine Training Foreigners During the 136th Canton Fair(图4)

Welcome visit factory in Foshan city, China.

Here is the factory location:Company map